[FINAL ONE!] OG Classic Slip-On LX (Canvas) -VANS VAULT LINE-

[FINAL ONE!] OG Classic Slip-On LX (Canvas) -VANS VAULT LINE-

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VANS VAULT LINE / OG Classic Slip-On LX (Canvas)

Indigo Blue Col.

Introducing "Slip-On", one of the VANS representative models from the OG series. It is a simple specification with only a plain color scheme on a thick canvas upper. The appearance is simple, but it is a pair that is particular about heel patches and leather at the mouth.

Size 8inc (26cm) / 9inc (27cm) / 10inc (28cm)

About size notation Some errors may occur depending on the product. Please note that this should be considered as a guide only.

[VANS VAULT LINE] VANS fashion line. This is a unique line where product numbers and collaborations such as the OG (original) series and TH designed by Taka Hayashi are actively performed. Collaboration models such as graphic designers, comic writers, professional skaters and surfers are popular, and in some cases they become rare product numbers as soon as they are released, and there are many enthusiastic enthusiasts and collectors who continue to search for models released in the past.

[VANS] Brothers Paul Van Doren and James Van Doren and friend Gordon C. Lee joined the first "Vans" under the name "The Van Doren Rubber Company" on March 16, 1966 at 704 East Broadway in Anaheim, California. "Opened the store. Now, the "VANS" has released a number of popular masterpieces and turned it into a national brand. 

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